I wish I can go back in time and take it all back. I wish I can make things better. I wish a lot of things that can never happen. But this happened. And I’m sorry it did. I never meant anything by it. I really was just looking for a friend. I’m sorry at times I took it to far. You’re right. Everyone’s right. I’m an attention whore. Why do you think I have this blog? Because it also makes me realize I’m not alone with my issues. That there are people out there just like me and it gives me a place to help people. And I have helped so many people countless times.

I messed up. I get it. We all mess up. We all fuck up. We are all shitty people. But I still wanna be your shitty girl. I still wanna be with you and only you. I feel the connection every time we touch. And every time we do anything. Even if we are just texting I feel it. And it makes me smile. You make me smile.

Sometimes I think your to good for me. That you deserve someone with a better head on her shoulders but I can tell you wanna be with me. That you love me. I can also tell I hurt you and I’ll do anything to make it up. To make you feel my love. I hope you still feel it. I hope you still feel what I do

But I just wanted to put this out there. Just for the whole world to see. So that you know I’m never going to give up Ridge. I would have just moved back home if i didn’t care Your still my hubby. Forever and always. Until death do us part.